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Tina ErwinRetired US Navy Commander calls herself a psychic “ghost helper” not a ghost hunter.  This is a very interesting interview the likes we have never heard on We Don’t Die Radio. I was very intrigued to interview Tina after receiving a copy of her book ‘Ghost Stories From the Ghosts’ Point of View.’

She certainly as credibility with me telling her Navy background and how other commanders also use their ‘gut instincts’ on ships and submarines. That instinct is really is psychic ability. Tina states that when our bodies die, we first go to a place she calls the 4th dimension before ‘going through the light’ into heaven. Some souls who have unfinished business, regrets, worries or confusion can get trapped there. We call these people ‘ghosts.’

In this episode Tina explains this and gives her first hand account of some of the souls that needed help moving on. She gives us tools to help them move on…something we can ALL do. Ever heard the expression “What possessed you to do that?” Well, some of these ghosts can attach themselves to us giving us a difficult time living our lives. She also talks about physics behind metaphysics, remote viewing and spiritual law in this episode.

Tina is the author of 4 books including volume 1 and 2 of “Ghost Stories from the Ghost’s point of View,” The Lightworker’s Guide to Everyday Karma” and “The Lightworker’s Guide to Healing Grief.”

You can find out more about Tina Erwin at http://www.TinaErwin.com

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