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Sharon BabineauCanadian Armed Forces 20 year veteran & widow, Sharon Babineau, has suffered unimaginable loss including the death of her husband and six years later the death of her daughter.

Sharon is also an inspirational keynote speaker and facilitates “Transformative Mindfulness and the 16 Guidelines to a Happy Life.” For over a decade she has been speaking from her heart helping people access their inner strength. She believes by tapping into the power of positive thinking we all have the ability to overcome even the most devastating of life’s moments and be able to continue to live fully.

Sharon is the founder of “Maddie’s Everlasting Wish,” a not-for profit charity started in her daughter’s memory.

She has been recognized for the work she has done at home and in Africa, and is the recipient of many prestigious awards including, the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

Sharon Babineau is a contributing author in 2 “Chicken Soup for the Soul” books and the book “Embrace Your Authentic Self.” Her own book about her extraordinary daughter, Maddie,  is titled “The Girl Who Gave Her Wish Away.”

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Gilbert, P. (2009). The compassionate mind: A new approach to life’s challenges. Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Press

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