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Physician Assistant Krista Gorman visited the afterlife in the summer of 2000.  During induction of labor, what should have been a routine procedure, it turned into a medical nightmare that nearly took Krista’s life and the life of her unborn baby.

Krista suffered an amniotic fluid embolism that led to cardiopulmonary arrest where she was without a heartbeat for eight minutes. During that time, her soul transitioned to the afterlife where she was engulfed in a most profound blissful love, a love that completely transformed her. She encountered spirit beings that wanted her help, and other spirit beings that gave her the choice to return with the condition of using and sharing what she learned with others.

Fear prevented her from doing it, and fear ruled her as she struggled for many years integrating back into her old life. When crisis hit her family, Krista knew it was time to start living the life she came back to live, and fulfill the promise she made in the afterlife. Using the knowledge she was given, Krista transformed into the love she knew herself to be, a transformation that ultimately saved her entire family.

Krista shares the Twelve Principles For Daily Living that are tools she used to realign herself with the love she was in the afterlife, a love that resulted in profound healing. When practiced on a daily basis, they have the potential to create a heaven on earth.

Krista is the author of “I Died And Learned How To Live,”  where she was able to put in words what her near death experience taught her about life. She has made it her life’s purpose to share what she learned with others in the spirit of love and service.

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