Katerina St. Claire on We Don’t Die Radio

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Katerina St. ClaireA brain aneursym that ruptured led to a stroke and a Near Death Experience for Katerina St. Claire.

Katerina’s healing gifts started in childhood with unique psychic abilities that puzzled adult family members and local community members who frowned upon such abilities being possible.

At the age of 21 Katerina suffered a stroke from a brain aneurysm that ruptured because of taking birth control pills. Katerina experienced a “Near Death Experience” that was so profound her psychic abilities became extraordinary and her positive outlook on life led her to donate many hours to church and community services, which she continues today.

Many years later, after she became afflicted with a life threatening disease, did she start focusing on the study of quantum medicine.

As a result of her life’s journey….she created the healing program:  “Katerina St. Claire’s Miracle Advantage Method®”  and is the author of the new book “Yes Virginia, There is a Heaven”

Visit Katerina’s website at:  katerinastclaire.com

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