Upgrade Your Day From “Bad” To “Great!”

Want to know something that can change your day from “bad” or” just okay” to “GREAT”?

This will take a little bit of work, but not a lot.

First, find a friend or co-worker, someone you come across in the bank or the grocery store, or even call someone on your phone. Give them a sincere compliment. Now, not just any compliment, but really take the time and find something good about them and tell it to them. It is as simple as recognizing a great smile, the way people talk to their kids or a unique attribute about them can really make another person feel great.

You know what happens? YOU FEEL GREAT. You can also try helping another person. The great Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Give it a try. It works!

If you are with a grumpy or complaining person, try this one! Simply ask, “What is your favorite memory?” or “What do you love about your life?” or “How did you meet your wife/husband?” or “What do you like to do for fun?” MAGIC will happen in front of your very eyes.

Ride The Wave, Getting Through Grief More Quickly

The pain of grief can be heart-wrenching, debilitating and exhausting. But the truth is that we can’t run from it. To really get free from it, we have to allow ourselves to feel and experience it! Ironically, the sooner you fully experience it, the sooner the intensity will subside and you can begin to live your life. It’s like pulling off a band-aid. You can do it slowly and try to avoid thoughts of grief as you try to refocus your attention on your life. However, inevitably you will be overwhelmed by emotions as they surface intermittently in your life? Or, you can go through your grief more quickly by facing the full depth of your pain, allowing yourself to grieve and cry as needed, and getting through it much sooner.

Grief can come over you in waves, intensely, and without a signal that it’s coming. So RIDE the wave. See if you can let yourself experience the pain, the sadness, the tears and all the emotions. Observe them and notice where they arise, how they fall away, and watch as they dissipate. Notice other emotions too, like anger, rage, fear, dread, guilt, or denial. It is very important to feel these feelings, and, to notice what it is you are feeling. As much as it hurts, it is a normal way your body must process grief.

Even as you feel your feelings, I am NOT suggesting that you ACT on them. For example, if you are feeling angry, do not use that as an excuse to yell at your spouse or your  co-worker. If you feel guilty, do not sit there stewing in the guilt for hours! Rather, feel what guilt feels like. Where is it in your body? What thoughts and memories are associated with it? Observe your body. Then it will pass. Yes, it will pass.

Think you’re one in a million?

Do you think you are one in a million? Well, you are actually much more special than that! You are one in 7,070,193,636 as of last time I checked the world population statistics! What does 7 billion look like?

Well, imagine you have a gallon container (approximately 4 liters) filled with rice. One of those grains of rice represents you. But that’s not one in a billion…that is one in one hundred thousand. You would need 61,000 gallons of grains of rice to represent the amount of people living on planet Earth!

While that may seem hard to believe, it is true! Just like there are no two snowflakes identical, you are I are each unique and special. We look and sound different than anyone else, of course. But we also have a much different mind and set of strengths than anyone else!

Think of the some of the people who made profound differences in history. Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., for example. How about some of your current idols? I’ve been inspired by the late Steve Jobs, the voice of musician Josh Groban, the philanthropy of Bill Gates. But you know what? They each just represent one of those grains of rice.

Try this the next time you look in the mirror: Look at yourself as one of those grains of rice. What do people in your life love about you that makes you special? You are one in 7 billion, you know!

The Fortune Cookie

Ever find yourself really mad at another person? I get so frustrated at times with people. It is so easy for me to want to bark at another person, letting them know that I AM RIGHT and they, of course, are WRONG.

I found myself in my favorite Chinese restaurant and got the following fortune cookie: “The best place to stand during an argument is on the other person’s side.” That got me thinking about how right I have to be all the time. So I chose to do a little research.

Did you know that as humans at any given moment our brain is detecting and storing 2,000 bits of information that comes to us through and our senses? That may sound like a lot, but know this: at any given moment there are 400 billion bits happening around us that could be picked up! I’m sure you’ve heard the story that when a car accident occurs, two witnesses have different stories for what happened. Why? Because their 2,000 bits didn’t match.

Back to our arguments and frustrations with other people now. Consider, that when you get mad or frustrated with another it is simply because the 2,000 bits you both perceived do not match each other. When you take the time to try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view, it allows for better communication and very often, resolution without the fighting!

Signs Are Everywhere… Where Are You?

Do you ever seem to get messages that you need to hear and signs that you have been asking for at weirdest times? I’ve discovered that if I pay attention, the answers to some of my questions are right in front of me. For example, I had a huge crush on a man that came into my life. However, he kept referring to his ex-girlfriend Tracey, and part of me knew that he still loved her. I was driving down a highway in an unfamiliar area and my mind was getting the best of me. “Does he love me or does he love Tracey?” kept coming up in my mind. Just then, I looked up — there was a big factory of some sort off the side of the highway. The name of the company? “TRACEY Industries.” As it turned out, I never heard from the guy again!!

I believe that if we do pay attention, that signs are everywhere. Often, we believe that some book or some course or some person will have the answer to what we need to do in our lives. While it’s often helpful to get someone’s perspective on a question, I do believe our answers are within. We simply just have to ask. And then pay attention to signs.

Try this the next time you have a question: Close your eyes and simply ask your inner wisdom for an answer to it. The answer may not come immediately. However it will come when you are ready to hear it. And it will usually come when your mind is still and free from all the self-talk we normally find ourselves lost in.

Here’s a tip. Use the STOP sign to wake up and listen! Every time you see a STOP sign, remember to STOP thinking and allow answers and Divine guidance to come to you. Answers only come to a quiet mind.