Create a Celebration Instead of a Resolution!

Well friend, it’s that time again. The end of another year and beginning of yet another. How do you feel about it? I don’t seem to care, is that wrong?

I’ve hit the age that I don’t know what age I am. A friend of mine turns 47 tomorrow and I started thinking, “Am I 47 or am I 46?” Even as I type this, it’s unimaginable that I’m 46. I don’t mind my age, but there’s not the excitement that I used to have when I could say “I’m six and a half!”

I don’t remember when setting a New Year’s resolution became a big deal. Do you remember when you started setting them? Plus, when I did set them, they were always the same: “Lose weight, eat healthy, keep my room clean, dress nice, get more dates, etc.” What always happened? I FAILED. And I always feel lousy New Year’s Eve, no handsome man to kiss, feeling unattractive after eating too many Christmas cookies and resenting every happy couple kissing on a dance floor at midnight when they play Auld Lang Syne.

Have you noticed that we always think of our regrets and where we failed and NEVER think about the wonderful accomplishments? Personally I could feel bad about all the above failures (yes, I haven’t conquered any of them) OR I could celebrate the year I have had. Where did the excitement go that I am now a published author of a great book, or that I started a radio show helping business owners that has been downloaded 70,000 times. Or, being a friend to some great people or just a good daughter or good niece. What about all the good deeds I’ve done to brighten someone’s day or the many jokes I’ve told to make people laugh? Ah, taking the time to review my end of year accomplishments sure does feel better than stating a resolution.

By the way, if you want a resolution that will work, pick one tiny thing. Don’t say “lose weight” instead say “stop eating sugar.” You have more of a chance to succeed as our brains can handle only one habit change at a time.

So, let me ask you, “What do you want to celebrate? How did you make someone happy or make a difference in 2012? What accomplishments have you made?” I am CERTAIN that you are not in the same place you were a year ago.

So, throw away the resolution and and create an End of Year Celebration! You are an awesome person, you are special, there is no one like you and I am proud to call you my friend.

Want to join me? Let me know what you are proud of from 2012, will ya?

Happy New Year, my friend!

Help For Newtown

I grew up in Bridgewater, Connecticut, only about a 30 minute drive to Newtown. I went to grade school at St. Joseph’s in Brookfield followed by Immaculate High School in Danbury. These two towns border Newtown.

Probably like you, the tragedy at the Elementary school was a shock to me. Almost impossible for me to believe. As I watched familiar places on television, my mind was in denial like many. “Cannot be true,” I thought to myself.

As horrific as it must be to the families and the Newtown community, I know that grief was felt by all of us. Did you feel the pain from a loss in your life get ignited again? I sure did. Even as someone who has now spent several years studying grief, it doesn’t mean there is an easy answer for when the pain hits.

Knowledge of grief and faith in the afterlife does work wonders. I believe with all of my heart and soul that those parents will see their children again. Those kids are living in a land that is incomprehensible to you and I. It is amazing, miraculous and majestic. They are in a place that has no time. With a blink of their eyes, they will be reunited with Mom and Dad. For those left behind, time can seem to pass very slowly.

I chose to make everything I have available to those experiencing the grief and sadness. I know that what I know will lessen people’s pain and give them some faith. Please feel free to share it with anyone you know who is suffering. It will make a difference. I sent cases of my “How to Survive Grief” CDs to Newtown and many books. I trust that they will find their way into the right hands. It’s all I knew to do. For those who wish to receive my products, here’s the link:

Can Faces Appear in Photographs?

There are those who are involved with something called “Instrumental Trans-Communication” which means connecting with people who have passed away. One of the methods are to use cameras to photograph ordinary objects and sometimes photos of people show up in one photo that do not in a photo taken a moment earlier or later. The above picture is one that I took in my living room. It is a reflection showing on my television while it was turned off. Interesting, isn’t it? Can you see a face? May or may not be more than my imagination, but I think it is cool!

Here’s another neat one I took. The moon appeared orange one night. When I look close at the photo, it appears to have the side view of a woman on the top right. Again, my eyes could be playing tricks on me, but I still love the picture. What do you think?

More info on Instrumental TransCommunication can be found my clicking on this sentence.