How Does One Person Change the World?

Throughout time, there have been many remarkable people that have changed the course of history. We can all think of our favorites and the labor of love they chose as their life’s mission. Today I realize that I am a person who definitely wants to change the world and I need a plan for doing just that! Why do I want to change the world? I guess the best answer for that is because there is so much suffering and fear. The three common fears people have are 1) the fear of dying, 2) the fear of being alone, 3) the fear of failure. You know the GREAT book that I just wrote, We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death, ends those three fears.  We don’t die (our personality does go on after our bodies disappear); the loved ones that have passed away are not gone and still are around (invisible to the eye, but not to the heart); life is an education for the soul. We can never really fail because everything is a learning experience.

I have created a book that impacts people’s lives for the positive. Grief stricken people have reported significantly less pain and feelings of hope and happiness again. People who contemplate suicide have written that they chose not to because of my words. People enjoy a fuller, richer life because they understand they get to create it, they are not a victim of it. What better a gift to give?

April 3rd I will “launch” on Amazon. Yes, I want as many people as possible to buy We Don’t Die at that day. I want people to know about the book and read it, then share it with others!!! April 3rd is just the beginning.

From there I will start my radio and television appearances. I will go big doing everything to gain momentum to be on the BIG shows. I will start off small and learn, then Ellen and Katie and Dr. Phil….LOOK OUT.

Without realizing it I’ll have a friend call me and tell me that We Don’t Die made it on the New York Times best seller list. More and more people will read the book and share it with others, because yes, it leaves people feeling good. Soon it will be in 26 languages around the globe.

As I lay in my bed as a wrinkled, white haired old lady, I’ll be able to think back of all the people that We Don’t Die has made a difference for. Families that got closer after a loss, relationships that grew stronger, kids growing up going courageously after their dreams. A world with more play, less pain and a whole heck of a lot of forgiveness. The word “peace” comes to mind as does the expression “heaven on earth.” I am grateful that I got to be Sandra Champlain this time around. NOTHING has felt better than to make a difference in the lives of so many others.

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Synchronicity & Trust

I am sure every new author dreams of the same thing: to have people LOVE their book. Not just love it, but feel so inspired by it to leave a review.

My book, “We Don’t Die” is so new that not a lot of people had read it. So, I had a handful of good reviews and I was thrilled people enjoyed it.

However I woke up a few days ago to a new review. Not a 5 star or 3 star or even a 2 star…but a 1 star review. “Poor reading…” the guy or gal called it “…a joke to read.” When I read it my heart sank. I was quick to wonder if I have any enemies that don’t want me to succeed or that simply want to make me look bad. But then I thought of so many people I have experienced, you probably have too, that when having a bad day they really take it out on another. My book probably just touched the wrong nerve in the person and angered them. If you have read it, you know I talk directly to the reader and have them look at their life, so they have a life that counts. I cannot even guess what the person read or why they said what they did, but I have to trust they felt better for doing it. I am a big girl, I can be strong. I trust that they got what they needed and so did I. A good friend told me  “If you try to make everybody happy, you’ll make no one happy.” Even Oprah has people that don’t like her, so I can be thick skinned and realized my book is not a fit for everyone.

Here’s the cool synchronicity that followed. The very next day there was a new review of my book on Amazon. Not just any review, but a review written from Amazon’s #1 top reviewer (out of the 14 million reviews people have written, this woman “Chandler” holds the #1 spot).

I had gotten a tip to contact some of these top reviewers and ask them to review my book, as they hold more weight with readers than some of people who have never written a review. Chandler was the only person I wrote to and she said “No, I don’t do book reviews.” I politely asked if I could send her a book as a gift anyway, because I knew that someone, somewhere in her life would deal with grief and she could have a good thing to give them.

It was this Chandler who read my book and gave a 5 star review the day after the bad review came in. That’s pretty miraculous, I’d say!

We never know why exactly people do what they do or say what they say. Often it can be very, very hurtful. However, if we believe in ourselves, keep taking the best action we know to do, have integrity and trust the process…amazing synchronicities are bound to happen. That one knocked my socks off.

Here is Chandler’s awesome review if you are interested:

Dad, I love you

You know, there is never a good time to say goodbye. Having someone you love leave your life is extremely painful as I found out when my dad passed away May 11, 2010. Although as the past three years have gone by the pain is diminished, there still is a open wound that aches from time to time.

What a gift I got having such an extraordinary man as my dad. Kind, gentle, caring…yet human and had his share of stresses and challenges too. However, today I am grateful for being the daughter of such a great man. Many of you know my story of grief and heartache that led to me writing my book, but the truth is, everything had to go the way it did for my book to be published now and helping the lives of so many.

Looking back at my life and at my parents’ lives, even looking back at your own life there has been plenty of hardships, haven’t there? But have you noticed that out of each one you have grown as a person and perhaps something good has come out of it? Neither you or me could be where we are today had we not experienced all that we have in the past. Somehow we always make it.

My challenge for you (and for myself) is to take whatever is happening right now in your life and put it in perspective. There is something to learn and growth that will take place for us. We will be much better people because it happened like this. Those in your life are doing just what they need to be doing too. I’ll try to not make them wrong if you promise not to also!

So thank you Dad for doing what you did, teaching me what you did and sacrificing all that you had to. I know you are smiling and can see the bigger picture and I trust that it is all ok. I love you Dad.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Just a little humor for today. This is one of my most embarrassing pictures. I was in Jamaica and signed up for the romantic “Horseback Riding on the Beach” tour.

I’ve seen it in movies and had such wonderful fantasies about it. However, this was NOT like the movies. The man leading the way though it would be fun to lead the horse into the water. What you do not see is the horse in front of me. He had had a big breakfast and I was screaming as his digested food came floating back toward me. There was no saddle and my legs were wrapped around that horse’s body holding on for dear life.

Like me, you probably have some fantasies. Then, when you have the opportunity to fulfill one of them, they may not be exactly what you expected. What I forgot to mention is that that experience was FUN. It got my heart racing, blood pumping and all I could do was laugh. It was purely unforgettable. I could do nothing but be in the present moment.

So, however your life goes…be thankful that you are here. It may not be exactly what you thought it would be like, but it is ok. There are certainly some good things that can come from it. However, if you go to Jamaica… you may not wish to go on this tour!