A Video to See When Reading a Book Takes Too Much Time!

Time goes by so quickly, wow!! I’m procrastinating a bit, as I should be packing for my flight to Los Angeles. This weekend marks the 2nd anniversary of my book, We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death being available in the world. As a student of the fabulous Author 101 University, hosted by Rick Frishman and the team at Morgan James Publishing, I have gone from a wannabe author to a #1 international, best-selling author in just two years! Weird to wonder “Who will be interested in my topic?” and remember all the fear I had telling people what I am up to! Now I have confidence and conviction and following Los Angeles I’ll be heading to Denver to be guest on Beyond Belief television show hosted by the incredible George Noory.

With all this being said, the real reason I’m writing this blog today is to give you the website to watch my movie…the documentary created about me by Emmy award-winning filmmaker, Robert Lyon. I actually didn’t realize I hadn’t posted it.