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MarBeth Dunn

MarBeth Dunn

Valentine’s Day 2009, MarBeth Dunn lost the love of her life to a heart attack. Instead of succumbing to grief, MarBeth chose a different path and uses her wisdom to help create joy filled lives. In this episode we hear about MarBeth’s loss, how she healed her broken heart and the AMAZING signs she received from her Harold that he is still near.

Founder of The Institute for Empathic Development, MarBeth is known as the Joy to Abundance Strategist. She is an empath, intuitive, speaker, co-author of Amazon Best seller, ‘Conversations that Make a Difference: Shift Your Beliefs.’  MarBeth is President of the Greater Miami Holistic Chamber of Commerce, coach, mentor, TV Happiness Expert, and host of Having It ALL TV. Her inspiring work has been featured on FOX, NBC, CBS, The CW in San Diego. She has been a regular guest on Good Morning Florida Keys.

MarBeth shares some profound wisdom in healing, what it is to be an empath and also how to live in happiness any time we wish. The quote she referred to in the episode is “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” It is from the poem called ‘On Joy and Sorrow’ by Kahlil Gibran

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Why Does Believing in Life After Death Matter So Much?

I believe there is a big problem that hasn’t been addressed too much. That is the fear of dying. You, like me, are suddenly whatever age you are (I am 48) and may have the following questions?

  • What is the purpose of my life?
  • Have I accomplished the things I’ve wanted to do in life?
  • Am I where I want to be?
  • Have I said everything I need to say to the people I care for?
  • Would I have any regrets if this were my last day on earth?
  • Do I believe I will live on after my body dies?
  • Are my loved ones who have died still around?
  • Who am I really?

Great questions, wouldn’t you agree? But do we every really ask them and take the time to answer the questions? I doubt it. If you are like me, I avoid thinking about those things.

I wake up in the morning and do what I can to stay in bed a few minutes longer. When I finally do get up I think about the things I must get done but somehow get distracted in the emails that have come in or get lost on some webpage that has something interesting on it. I have “bright, shiny object” syndrome and easily something can distract me. Sooner or later, it gets dark outside and whether or not I get the things accomplished that are on my to-do list, the day is over and I go to bed. The next day it starts all over again. Suddenly, 2014 is almost over and I will turn 49 years old. What happened to all of those years? Have I really accomplished all that I meant to do by now? The answer is no.

Believing in life after death DOES NOT mean that we can avoid these questions and spend a boring life dreading waking up in the morning. It does not mean that we can spend the day surfing the internet and wake up at the age of 80 and not worry because we’ll wake up in Heaven and have something exciting there to look forward to!

Believing in life after death means living NOW. What if you knew you were once a soul in Heaven that actually CHOSE to come here to earth to learn things you can’t learn in Heaven? You came here because you got to experience sight, sound, touch, taste and smell? Everything in Heaven is experienced through the mind, but we have no body there to experience the senses. I’m sure its nice but would you rather dream of being snuggled next to your favorite person, smelling their cologne or perfume, holding their hand, sipping a cup of nice hot coffee and having breakfast in bed OR would you rather do the real thing? Experiencing every detail through your 5 senses instead of your imagination?

Believing in life after death means that after a loved one dies, you will surely grieve and there will be pain. However, many people die internally when they lose a loved one, no longer having the strength to live their own lives. Believing in life after death means trusting that you will see them again and that you go on living your own life. Our time here is so precious you get back to doing and experiencing the things you came here to do.

Not fearing death means not fearing life. We will survive death. The “we” I am talking about is our personality. They say we can be our favorite age in Heaven and be in our best physical shape. I certainly like that as a person that has had bad vision and a weight problem on planet earth! But if Sandra still survive after her body dies, what does that mean for how I live my life?

We have nothing to fear. We can never fail at anything so we can be courageous and do or say the things we want to do. We can realize that life is an education for the soul. We can go after new experiences, new challenges, new adventures. We can love, we can forgive and we can play.

Believe in FunOne last way of thinking of this. You win a free trip to Orlando, Florida. Your flights, your room, your meals and your tickets to the theme parks are all included for two weeks! How do you spend those weeks? Do you wake up every morning, hit the snooze button then spend the day in the hotel watching television or being on your laptop computer? NO. I think we’d all be so excited we wake up early, get our sneakers on and be the first in line at the amusement parks! We would play all day, find adventures around every corner, try some new, delicious foods, watch the parade go by, laugh at the street performers, watch the fireworks…perhaps with a favorite person by our side and then NOT WANT TO GO TO BED.

Hmmmmmm….this is what a child does, right? I wonder why. Perhaps they remember who they are and their time on earth is short and there is an adventure to be on.

No matter how old you are, what do you say we play today? Find some adventure? See something newly? You are special. You came to earth for a reason. Explore. Live. Love. Laugh. Most importantly….use the 5 senses you have been given.

I challenge you to have some fun today. I will do the same!!!! -Sandra


Sandra Champlain is the author of the #1 international bestseller, We Don’t Die – A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death and How to Survive Grief CD. She is the host of and iTunes Podcast. Sandra is the co-founder of We Care Grief Support helping others through loss back into life. See the documentary made about Sandra and her mission called We Don’t Die – Documenting a Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death.





30 Days to More Money? Is it Possible?

November 9th and getting close to Christmas and looking at the my dwindling checkbook. Is it another year with purchases on credit cards to give the gifts that I really want to give? Do I get hard on myself about past over spending and not saving? YES I DO.

I found a free kindle book yesterday called Mind Over Money: How to Program Your Mind For Wealth and seems simple to do for 30 days. It only takes 5-10 minutes a day to do the exercises. I have committed to that. Besides studying a small chapter, we write in BLOCK print some words and repeat them out loud and keep them close by during the day.

Yep, I’m giving it a go. My mind is weak so often and whether I spend too much or don’t save, money is always an issue. Same with food. Too much going in, not enough exercise going out. Getting a strong mind in one area means I can get strong in others.

Here is what I wrote yesterday. Wish me luck or join me! Always easier to do with friends!