Dianne Sherman on We Don’t Die Radio

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Dianne Sherman

“I needed to die to get a life,” says my guest Dianne Sherman. In 1981 she had a near death experience that completely altered her life. Her story is fascinating and she now acts as a ‘life guide’ to help people live their best lives.  Hear about the unconditional love and feeling of being cherished after dying and how we can create that in our own lives. “Alter your perception will alter your reality,” is brilliant as well as learning how to tap into your past and make life long changes. Dianne has some great tips on not being afraid and how to be happy.

Here’s more about Dianne Sherman in her own words…

“My name is Dianne Sherman and I am a “Life Guide”  here to help you find your way in this amazing process we call life.  As a Near Death Experiencer in 1981 I learned  that we are loved unconditionally and that the Universe/God/Source is only wanting our joy and happiness. I was sent back to help people heal their lives and to teach that life is not happening to us it is happening through us. We have choices as to who we want to be and how we want to show up in every moment. You don’t have to knee jerk through your life anymore. Let me inspire you to have more magic in your life now.

I am a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor and Vibrational Healer. I can transform your life by removing the blocks and barriers to your happiness. Helping you feel excited about your life is my joy and passion. I offer hope, relief and healing.

As an Intuitive Counselor with the gift of Clearsight I can “see” exactly where and how you are blocked.  As a spiritual life coach I have the tools to help you implement changes and create wonderful new life experiences with renewed hope and enthusiasm. Through vibrational healing using sacred codes and frequencies I can clear away issues that are keeping you from moving forward and realizing your dreams.

My techniques are quick, thorough and permanent. They create a powerful structure for your healing. People experience a greater sense of well being after working with me.


The purpose of my work is your self-empowerment. Let me guide you to your highest potential through your own inner knowing, by shifting your awareness and perceptions. With a better understanding of what is out of alignment in your life and the tools to implement the necessary changes, you will feel encouraged and empowered to make those changes and enjoy greater fulfillment in every part of your

Visit Dianne at:  http://www.guidingyourspirit.com
email: dianne@guidingyourspirit.com