The Game of Life

There are times in our lives that we want so much to accomplish much. It seems like the hours of the day go by so fast and we look at the clock and the days and hours are gone from us, never to return again to our lives. Oh it is frustrating to be sure. We want so much for our lives during the short time we live upon the earth. Our never-ending list of things to do causes us much anguish. We wrestle with our thoughts and even with our dreams. There is no rest for the weary. We are the weary, the tired the ones that have so many wishes, so many dreams, so many reponsiblities. Yet, where or where does the time go? Does it stop? Nobody knows.

It is quite similar to a small hamster in his running wheel. He keeps on moving, feeling compelled to do so but never arrives anywhere, except for being exhausted. Why do we human beings get on this treadmill if it doesn’t lead to anywhere? Why do we try? Why do we seem doomed to failure so often?

You see, we have mistaken the journey we are on. You may think your journey is taking a road from one place to another, with many stops along the way. You think of your life as that road, it begins at one place and ends at another place. You can see the road ahead and the older one gets, the closer the end of the road will appear.

There is a problem with this map of ours, for there is no beginning and no end. The stops along the route you take you say are important. There are things to do, places to go, people to see! You couldn’t be more wrong. That linear line does not represent the life you live.

You see there are no guarantees that each stop or each person or each adventure will lead to what your soul long fors. Your soul longs for your happiness first and foremost, it yearns for you discovering who you really are. It yearns for you to learn, to become wise, to discover itself. It yearns for you to learn about the other playmates you have in your life. To love them, to share with them, to learn from them and to forgive them when necessary.

No one knows what purpose their lives serves, not you and not anyone else. It is like we are each planted in a foreign country not speaking the language, not recognizing the soil beneath our feet or the clothes on our back. There is no place to go, but we must do something, we must survive. We must look at our surroundings and gather the most amount of information as possible. Where are we? Why are we here? What purpose do I serve? How can I survive? Am I alone or do I have friends to share this journey with?

This, my friend is a game. There is no right way to play it and there is no wrong way to play it. Whether you travel a million miles in your life time or sit alone in one room with no mobility and nothing to keep you occupied aside from your own mind, you are in the game.

You make the rules. How are you going to play? I know for me the game consists of a certain outcome: trying my hardest, doing my best, sharing my toys, my love, my wisdom. I have learned much from the game I play and know I might have some hints for the other players. We are all free to share what we have learned with others. Will they listen? I don’t know. That is there choice to listen or not. They are playing their own game.

So, what is the answer to this? What is the bottom line? Well, the truth is that is for you to say. When you reach far enough outside of yourself looking for the answers you will discover one thing: no one has the answers. The only way to turn is within. You see, within yourself you hold the key. But you might ask, “How do I know if I am on the right path?” There is no right path my friend. The path you are on is simply the path you are on.

Every human you see struggles for their own happiness as well. Happiness, like peace, success and joy does not lay outside of yourself. It is within. You declare it and you will have it. You can find it if you look.

I leave you with this: take some time and talk to your soul, see what it wants, ask what it needs. Yes, you may find you are speaking with yourself but know It is listening. Don’t be surprised when It speaks back! Please search for your own truths, no one can tell you the answers. That might seem frustrating but that is the game. Quiet your mind, quiet your thoughts, in that stillness you will find peach and joy. It is a practice to be sure, but in the depths of the silence is that peace, is that truth. Trust, it will be there.
You are not alone in this game called life, you have choirs of angels singing, teams of spirits cheering you on and your own soul giving you gentle nudges urging you on to explore and experience the real thing you were meant to discover in this life, your Self.  Enjoy the game my friend.
-Sandra Champlain