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Sandra ChamplainPlagued by a lifelong fear of death and dying, Sandra Champlain began a passionate search for answers to some of life’s most perplexing questions. She attended a workshop with international best-selling author and angelic communicator, Doreen Virtue, PhD. and discovered that she had a gift to communicate with beings who had passed on. After this breakthrough, Sandra realized deeply in her heart that she no longer needed to fear death.

However, having been a ‘normal’ person all her life, she didn’t want to be labeled a “psychic lunatic”by her friends and family! So she told no one about her new skills and insights, and instead decided to search for proof of life after death before going public. Through a series of life-changing events and exhaustive research, Sandra now feels that she can finally share this truth with the world:

I believe life is an education for the soul and we are all here on earth to love and to learn. My goal is for you to be who you were meant to be, to heal from your grieving and pain and to move forward on your life’s journey with a lot of joy, laughter and love!

~ Sandra Champlain

Our souls really do survive death.

Since that time, Sandra has courageously shared her journey with others. She has gathered the evidence, stories and experiences that can convince anyone, including a skeptic like herself, that ‘we don’t die.’ Her goal is to help people know within themselves that their own souls are eternal and that their deceased loved ones are in heaven, loving them.


Sandra is a highly respected speaker, author and entrepreneur committed to making a difference in the lives of others. She is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and at 25 years old, opened Kent Coffee & Chocolate Company, where she is the owner located in Kent, Connecticut. Since 1986 she has chefed for world-class race car teams in the American LeMans Series and Grand-Am series. She and her mother, Marion, own Marion’s Hospitality and together they provide delicious, nurturing meals to the hard-working mechanics, drivers and servicepeople on race car tours around the country. Sandra is the co-host of “Diamonds In Your Own Backyard” radio show, a radio show that empowers entrepreneurs. Go to www.travisandsandra.com for more information and to listen to the show. Sandra lives in Byfield, Massachusetts.


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  1. You write (above) Sandra, that souls being eternal 'know' (believe within himself) that deceased loved ones are in 'heaven.' I've referenced 'heaven' as Disneyland in the sky. I was raised evangelical…was married to an evangelical preacher (pediphyle who persuased my newly widowed mother he would 'take care of me' at age 16, by marrying me). When our children were 3, 6 & 9 knowing I did not want that life (all it embraced) for the then & future, told him I wanted a divorce. His response was to kidnap the children taking them to another state, hiding them away for 24+ years until I located them, by which time, they were well indoctrinated by parental alienation. I, however, continued to study theology, dogmas, become active in various religions, finally realizing my belief (beliefs) were/are that of atheism. I do not believe in a Brillo-headed (or otherwise) god…dictator/god figure under the guise of 'love' manipulates his 'creatures). It would be of interest to me for you to observe where/what 'heaven' is that you refer to. It it simply not what we perceive…gates of pearl, etc….but that our loved ones are – in their vibration – in continuation of our guides?? Hefty question..a simple answer/response much appreciated, as I thank you for your consideration & time. sll

  2. Hello Margaret. Sorry for the late reply but I hadn't seen your question until now. I am still a part owner of the store. Sharon Songal, a dear friend has been managing it since my dad passed away and is running the place and also now owns part. Hope you are well!

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