Be the Moon

“Silver are the seas and the moonlight bounces from one wave to the next; gently stirring and moving. The crests are but a moment in time that is quickly forgotten.

Life for you and me is quite the same. Silvery, glittery, glistening moments of greatness are highlights and pleasantries. So wonderful, so joyful, illuminated by the moon as the beauty dances upon the shallow waves. Beneath the water the fish watch in wonder. They dance in delight.

However, only the moon knows a dramatic shift will soon occur. It is not known when it will happen. But as sure as the brightness of the day is replaced with the darkness of night, so too will the seas become stormy.

A great gale force arrives and wreaks havoc on the ocean waters. High tides and waves abound. Crashing like thunderous storms on the waters. The peaks and valleys are mighty. Danger looms for the ship on the water.

Danger looms for all who fall entranced to the dark clouds and giant waves in our minds. The fish go deep to the bottom of the ocean, where it is safe and peaceful. To those witnessing the surface of the water, the moon reflects a violent ocean.

However, to the moon it does not really matter. For millions of years the moon sits quietly in its place and just observes.

BE THE MOON. Act as the fish and go into the quiet stillness of your depths. Times will always change, be confident of that. Remember the moon and you will remember thy SELF.”   -Sandra Champlain

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