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  1. Please is there a way to discuss sudden death from a car accident? I keep listening, and I dont' really hear what I am looking for. Is it all generic for everyone, no matter how people die? Thank you.

  2. Sandra, I am a huge fan of your wedontdieradio.com and you as well. I download and transfer the interview mp3's over to my phone so bluetooth can play my phone in my car as I travel from place to place. The content is SO much better than AM radio or mainstream media and actually about a topic that's of interest! And positive! Some of your guests interviews I play over and over, and find I gain more information than the "first listen". And YOU, Sandra, are a wonderful, warm, vivacious, smart and delightful lady. In my book, you are a total, total success.

  3. Hi Donna! I am sorry I hadn't seen this message until now. I know a lot of people with a lot of stories. Have you heard episode 24 with Jeffrey Olsen? You can write me privately at sandrachamplain@gmail.com I don't often see all the messages that get posted here and we can discuss more. Is there something I can help you with or give you more information about? Again, please email response opposed to writing it here.

  4. This is for Donna Strickland, I read your post to Sandra Champlain and I would tell you to go to you tube.com and in the search bar type in Jeff Olsen NDE his story may help you. listen to the video that is one hour and 30 minutes long.

  5. Happy Birthday Sandra, My name is Hank and I've listen to all 92 of your episodes "We Don't Die" … keep them coming and I find them so fascinating. I had the fear of dying when I was a child after my grandfather passed away in 1973, it took me several years to get over that phobia. I'm 52 now and I enjoy listening and reading about NDE's.
    PS. Is there any chance in the near future you might be able to get Dr. Eben Alexander on one of your shows?

    Keep up the great work, thanks for easing my mind and God Bless you and your family.

    Sincerely, Hank

    • Hi Hank, great news! Dr. Eben would love to be a guest on the show. Yeah!!! I don’t think he’ll be available til September, but I’ll air it as soon as I get it. Thanks for listening! -Sandra

  6. Sandra, I'm wondering where I can find the EVP recording on your website? I can't seem to locate it. Also, I'm wondering if you've seen the new Morgan Freeman show on the National Geographic Channel called, "Finding God"? If not, you should check it out, I think you'd really enjoy it. I love your show!

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