“Daisies bloom bright and magnificent. Their faces reach powerfully to the sun, aching to soak up every ounce of power that belongs rightfully to them. Their stems are long yet thin. They are that way so they can bend and sway. They can take the force of mighty winds and not be destroyed. They stand together with others, helping to keep the flock strong. From the surface they look delicate, but they are oh so strong. They have deep roots that are blended with their friends. They are not separate, they are attached and intertwined.

Know that you may feel separate and alone yet you are connected under the surface to so many, intertwined. Even if you may get broken off and taken away, petals plucked one by one, do not think it a misfortune…you may help someone else get their wish. You may be used for joy. You may be used to be the sunshine in someone’s day. You will always be connected to the flock, even if your stem is cut, there is always a connection. Always.” -Sandra Champlain

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