A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death
by Sandra Champlain

Bernie Siegel, MD

First of all, I would like to say that I agree with Sandra when she says we don’t die, but I think it is important to define what the we is that doesn’t die. We consist of more than one thing. We are mind, body, and spirit. I compare us to a satellite dish, remote control, and television or computer screen.

There are many channels of consciousness available to us and our mind, like a remote control selects the channel to tune into that then defines how we act and demonstrates which program and what Lord we are tuned into. So components may die or become nonfunctioning but the source remains alive and vital and still sends out messages to all living things.

I know from personal experience that consciousness never ends. It does not require the physical body to exist. Blind people see when they have a near death experience and I learned the same lesson as a four year- old when I left my body while choking on a toy I had aspirated.

I was able to think and see while never wondering how I could accomplish that if I were no longer in my body. When the child on the bed had a seizure and vomited, dislodging the toy parts, I felt sucked back into his body as if by a vacuum. Consciousness never ends, and time does not exist when we leave our bodies. Those were hard things for me to accept and understand, but my experience has opened my mind to the truth.

I have also learned that when a loved one dies that grief can be appropriate but it must not take over your life and be all that you think about. What taught me that lesson was the experience I had with the Angel of Death.

After one of my young patients died following surgery, I couldn’t accept what had happened and how God could make a world where children died of cancer. The Angel took me to Heaven to see the parade of all the children who had died that week. They were all looking beautiful, wearing white robes and carrying a glowing white candle. When I noticed a child coming, carrying a dark candle, the Angel told me to go and light it. As I approached the child I could see it was my patient, Tony. I asked him why no one had lit his candle. He answered, “They keep lighting it, but your tears keep putting it out.”

I now understand that we are here to live and learn and that by learning we create a better future for all those who will follow us as we are creating a more enlightened consciousness for them to exist in. So, when our bodies can no longer function and demonstrate the message of our life, then it is time to leave and become perfect again, and either enter a new body with which to demonstrate what the school of life has taught us or communicate via consciousness until that event occurs.

I hear voices and know when they are coming from the collective consciousness. The Voice has helped me to experience a much more meaningful life. I have written about some of the events. Messages that helped my father to die laughing and helped me to adopt a dog named Buddy after writing my book, Buddy’s Candle.

I have also had mystics bring me messages from my dead patients and family members and they mentioned their names and spoke with words as that person had. One quickie: When my parents died, my mystic friend, who does not know them, called me and said my parents were together again and were being shown around by someone who likes cigarettes and chocolate. Before I could answer she said, “Oh, it’s Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.” Yes, Elisabeth was a close friend and mentor of mine. No coincidence.

I also had another unexpected experience when a friend, while talking to me on the phone, heard how busy I was and said, “Why are you living this life?” She wanted me to slow down and do less but I went into a trance and had a past-life experience. I will share that I realized I had become a surgeon because I had killed with a sword in my past life due to a lack of faith in my Lord, like being tuned into the wrong channel and voice, and I now wanted to heal and cure with a knife.

I also learned that wordswordswords can become swordswordswords and kill or cure also. I want people to understand that to me, a past life experience does not mean I literally lived the experience but that I am impregnated with the consciousness of someone whose life preceded mine. I think this also accounts for the talent we sometimes see in children that we can’t explain.

So the body dies but we do not. I also have had experiences with animal communication and, when animal intuitive Amelia Kinkade, while sitting in Los Angeles, told me where to find a missing cat in Connecticut in incredible detail while seeing through the cat’s eyes, I became a believer and have since communicated with our pets.

The key to this and all consciousness communication is the quiet mind. Similar to the symbolism of the still pond, which then allows us to see the truth reflected back to us. When your life is filled with turbulence, you cannot experience what we are sharing with you. We have to be open to our potential and not close our minds based upon beliefs, but learn to accept based upon our experience.

As Ernest Holmes shared in Science of Mind, what if Jesus was the only normal person who ever lived? My definition of God is loving, intelligent, conscious energy. Therefore we are immortal through our love and consciousness and capable of altering the physical world through our consciousness and energy by creating the future we desire. When we choose what is life enhancing for every living thing, we make miracles possible. Our bodies are the tools we use also, but cannot last forever as our love, energy, and consciousness can and do.

I can think of so many stories in which messages from the dead have been shared with me by their loved ones. In one case, a murdered young woman loved birds and at her sister’s outdoor wedding, a bird interrupted the wedding by making so much noise that everyone’s reaction was that it was her sister. As the mother was telling this story, a bird flew in the open window of the room we were meeting in. Never had that ever happened in all the years we met there.

Your son loves seagulls and one winter’s day a seagull lands on the highway and you hear your son say, “Mom slow down.” You did and as you drove around the bend in the road saw a pile up of cars caused by a sheet of ice on the road, which you avoided. Your son loves butterflies and after his death a butterfly follows you while out walking in Connecticut. When his dad got home he looked up the butterfly in his son’s books and it was a species only found in South America.

I have photographs of a butterfly that stayed with my wife and me for a day and a half, after my wife rescued it from a store by offering it her hand, as we did an outdoor workshop on the Hawaiian island of Kauai where my patient had died. When we were ready to go to sleep my wife went out and brushed the butterfly off her shoulder and it came back into our apartment sitting on her other shoulder. It finally flew off when the workshop ended.

Remember, we can be thrown off the Earth when our bodies die but we are still riding the horse of life. When we are ready to leave our bodies and are free of conflict we can decide to leave with no difficulties. As my father put it in giving his advice to seniors, “Tell them to just fall up.” The night he was tired of his body, he told us no dinner or vitamins, and fell up that evening at age 97.

I have worked with people who have been brain dead for years but where legal issues prevent the family from ending their tube feedings. I simply shared with one woman who had been in that state for two years, because we can hear while in coma, under anesthesia, and asleep, that her love would stay with us and if she needed to go, it was alright. She died within fifteen minutes of my speaking to her. I have also had people respond, “I’m not going anywhere.”

I had a man “die” during emergency surgery for a perforated intestine and the anesthesiologist was leaving the room to get help to transport the body. I figured, due to my exposure to Kübler-Ross, I had little to lose if his spirit was still around, so I said his name and, “It’s not your time yet. Come on back.” His heart started beating and he recovered. The anesthesiologist was quite impressed. So accept your life as an experience, and know that the only thing of permanence is our love and expressing it through our consciousness, as we live and learn through our experience.

Death what a great teacher you are
Yet few of us elect to take your class
And learn about life
That is the essence of death’s teaching
Death is not an elective
We must all take the class
The wise students audit the class in their early years
And find enlightenment
They are prepared when graduation day comes
It is your commencement
They sang, “God is watching us from a distance”
I don’t agree
I know God and it is a short trip to God
If you’d like me to introduce you
To yourself someday let me know
When I was a child I thought God was way up there
A long way off
Now I know God is here
Those who understand know
That if you can’t see God
It’s because you can’t stoop low enough
Or think you have to be tall enough to see in a mirror
Be still, bend forward, and get close to yourself
And water will reflect your Godliness

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