2 thoughts on “Order “We Don’t Die”

  1. I discovered you a few days ago when looking for information on Dianne Sherman. I have been binging on listening to one show after another ever since. I can hear from comments that you have made that you have your life challenges as we all do. Please know beyond a doubt that the passion for your work and the hours of testimony from your guest has had a tremendously positive influence on my life so I am very much looking forward to reading you book.

    Here I am, 60 years old and recently retired from trading time for money. Seeking information to advance my soul. I have been reading authors like Eben Alexander, Eckhart Tolle, Raymond Moody, Dr Robert Lanza, Natalie Sudman, Anita Moorjani and many many others. Searching the internet along with looking to my inner self for answers and direction to live a life of giving joy and love to all those I come into contact with.

    Your show fills the hours in the day that I am not reading, meditating, walking in nature or spending time with my loved ones. You are genuine in your fascination and understanding of the message that your guest have to give. You have a humility that is so refreshing. You allow them to tell their story and impart their wisdom asking just the right questions to get the most you can out of their experience with the limited time you have. And your empathy for what they have gone thru and who they have become comes across loud and clear. Many times I say out loud, “That a girl Sandra let them know how beautiful of a spirit they are!”

    Try not to be so hard on yourself. For me, You are AWESOME! I greatly appreciate the work you do in bringing truth and light to my life. Know that you reach thousands of souls and are affecting them in ways you do not even realize. After every show I listen to I always say a prayer of thanks for you. May love and joy always grace your life. The world is a far better place with you in it…

    • Thank you so very much for writing. Wow, I am feeling like a beautiful spirit now! Bless you my friend and thank you so very much. -Sandra

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