Irene Kendig

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Episode 033 – Irene Kendig – With a Masters degree in Spiritual Psychology, Irene Kendig is a speaker, soul-centered coach, and the bestselling author of “Conversations Irene Kendig picwith Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead.” In it, she asks the same question of seven loved ones on the other side, “What did you experience when you released your last breath on earth?” Also a certified NLP Practitioner and Hypnotherapist Irene is a certified instructor for Parent Effectiveness Training. Dedicated to living and sharing the gifts of Spiritual Psychology, her soul-centered coaching begins with the premise that we don’t have souls; we are souls. We are souls who have bodies, with the ability to live moment-by-moment from a place of unconditional love, joy, peace and compassion.She facilitates clients from around the world in becoming aware of themselves as divine souls. The result: the ability to live heaven on earth right now. Through her coaching programs, Irene has helped hundreds of people find ‘heaven within.’ Visit Irene at

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