Judy Taylor

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Judy & her husband John embraced a holistic approach to life many years ago Jude went on to study holistic counseling and then completed her Diploma of Holistic Healing.

It was through their mutual desire to help others that they created a business called “Positive Signs.” Positive Signs helps people help themselves with:  Embracing Ourselves  –  Reiki  –  Energy Balance  –  Intuitive Guidance  –  Self-Awareness  –
–  Stress Management  –  Meditation  –  Journal Writing  –  Spirited Walks

Judy has an innovative and creative approach to support clients as they discover their own unique potential. She is an is an Intuitive who “helps people help themselves.”
Judy is the author of the book  “Mum Moments – Journey Through Grief”

Visit Judy at her “Mum Moments Facebook page” or at: www.positivesigns.com.au

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