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Mellen-Thomas Benedict’s NDE resulted in perhaps the greatest fundamental transformations of any near-death experiencer ever documented. In 1982, Miraculously, he returned to his body with a complete remission from a terminal illness. The advanced scientific knowledge he brought back from his experience led him to numerous scientific discoveries and U.S. and foreign patents.

He has invented, prototyped and developed some 200 hundred concepts and inventions in a variety of fields from shoes, hand tools, musical instruments and toys to electronic devices, health aids, lab equipment and phototherapy technologies. His products are being used to benefit people in over 20 countries.

Mellen is a researcher/inventor in the field of Quantum Biology, Biophotonics and Cellular Communication and a lecturer on the subject of longevity, energy medicine and phototherapy and truthfully, has a long list of other credentials that make him an incredibly fascinating man.

Ever since his NDE, Mellon has maintained his direct access to Universal Intelligence and returns to THE LIGHT at will. This enables him to be a bridge between science and spirit and has guided him to develop new technologies for health and wellness.

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