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Find your purpose through your pain and the recipe for goal setting and accomplishing your goals are two of the greatest gifts I got from Pam Russell.

President and CEO of Proforma Specialty Marketing both in Dallas, Texas, Pam Russell has spent almost 20 years in a successful sales career in the promotional products and printing industries. In 2012 she founded Pam Russell LLC, a sales training, coaching and speaking business. She has a passion for helping rookie sales people and entrepreneurs master the business of selling so that they don’t struggle like she did in the beginning of her career. Her ten year journey through grief that came to an end in October of last year has added an inspirational piece to her business.

As a result of her transition through her grief she is currently working on merging her two businesses under one umbrella that will also include a third piece, inspirational speaking and purpose strategy.  Pam believes that you can find your purpose through your pain. She is the co-host of the Offbeat Business Show and Co Editor-in-Chief of the Offbeat Business Magazine. She is a single mom, dog lover, native Texan and a fan of positivity and humor. She is a passionate volunteer in the memory care unit of a local nursing home.

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