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International artist, photographer, author, business owner, mentor and philanthropist, Patricia Gagic has been a passionate supporter of many great causes. She’s exhibited her art in Zurich, Geneva, London, France, Seoul, Frankfurt and Austria.

As a  Business owner she’s operated a Property Management company for over 20 years. She’s also a  Mentor, Coach and a passionate Philanthropist. From Ontario Canada, Patricia is the recipient of several nominations and awards…including in 2013 she was knighted as a Dame of the Order of St. George.

Patricia is extraordinary…She is an advisor to “Free the Children” and a co-founder of The Colours of Freedom Foundation.  She’s supported building of a library, orphanage and school in Cambodia.

She is certified by the University of Toronto in Applied Mindfulness, Mindfulness without Borders and is in her final year of studies in Transformative Mindfulness by the University of Toronto. Patricia is a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and Reiki Master. Patricia has many more credentials under her belt which you can read about HERE.

Most recently, Patricia Gagic is the author of the book Karmic Alibi, and has two non-fiction books and a fiction series in the works!!

Visit Patricia at:

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