“A young robin in the garden has such a sweet song. The early morning comes, the sun begins to wake and the robin believes he has the important task of song.
He is young and not well versed, however he has witness countless robin elders singing their songs to the world.

On this day, the young robin realizes he is all alone. There is no one else there to do the singing. Fear creeps in and the young robin worries what his song might sound like. Will it be good enough? Will it inspire? Will it be enough to wake up the sun and wake up the world?

The whole of the earth seems to go quiet for young robin. Then, in a flash the most beautiful female robin flies by. Without warning, without premeditation, without thought the young robin belts out a beautiful song. From deep in his lungs the tune is carried far and wide. The sun rises and young robin knows he has incredible power.

For you and me it is much the same. We can spend so much time wondering if our song is enough, if we are enough. However, when we allow love to fill our souls our songs must be sung! The power is ours to lift the sun from the darkness, move mountains across the land and create heaven on earth. Love is the answer.” -Sandra Champlain

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