“Sailing takes you away to where you’ve never been before. Setting sail on a hot day, the wind is calm, the breeze feels gentle on the cheeks, the sunshine causes a rosy glow on the face. A glass of champagne in your hand, laughter with your mates, wearing the best nautical gear. The boat is a stage of your life. It is a time of joy, of accomplishment, celebrating the best of the best, along with the very best. It is a status symbol, a joy, a signed that you have made it, that you have earned it.

However, it is said that a boat in a safe harbor is not what boats are built for. Turning the clock back in time, the newly painted skiff is covered by silky, white paint. It looks new to the eyes of the beholder, but underneath it all is a worn ship, that has seen many stormy seas.

The past has not been gentle to this ocean dweller. No, the seas have been tough, it has weathered its fair share of dangerous waters. The stories it could tell are immense. Sailors have fallen from its decks and periled in the choppy waters. Drunken fights have occurred on board, with the men all trying to prove their honor and their valor. Their fear and their ego caused them to rise to extraordinary, imaginary lengths only to fall and feel ashamed once again.

There has been love made on board; births and deaths, stormy seas and calm waters. Even now the smooth ship waits. Although its exterior is painted anew, the interior knows that tough waters will be in its future. However, so will smooth waters and joy.

The sailboat has been built for a special purpose, to be able to withstand both the tough, stormy days and the days of smooth sailing. You and I are much the same. We are able to withstand some of the deepest and darkest trials and tribulations. We are able to experience the thrill and delight of adventurous days as well. We are both built for travel, the boat has a strong hull, we have a strong torso. Boats has rudders and sails to shift directions in tough times, we have feet and a mind that can redirect us no matter what the weather brings.

Better days will come, I promise you that. There will be celebrations and happiness yet again. Underneath it all lies a weathered ship. Fear not, ships are built for tough times and exciting adventures. It is true for humans alike. When you feel the wind on your face and sun on your shoulders remember, the voyage is all about gaining valuable experience.” -Sandra Champlain

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