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No more hiding out for me. Am I still afraid? Sometimes, yes. But I now have an understanding that helps to end pain and ease sadness. I know the truth about death and the truth about life. I know why we humans are here on Earth and I have answers about what it takes to have an incredible life! I have made it my life’s purpose to share that we don’t die. Why not? What else is there to do but help others live extraordinary lives?

~ Sandra Champlain

Sandra’s dynamic, engaging speaking topics inspire us to believe once again in ourselves and in love. She draws us in with her personal accounts and generously shares the information that she has gathered about life, death, and grief to give us faith, hope and healing. These thought-provoking and deeply transforming events give comfort to those in pain and understanding to those wanting insight and clarity. Come share in the gifts that Sandra offers!


Keynotes ~ Weekend Workshops ~ Half or Full Day Events

Choose from one of Sandra’s popular topics, or ask her to create a special program just for you!




This topic will engage and transform your life as Sandra describes the central themes of her book, We Don’t Die.

This dynamic discussion includes:

  • past and present research that proves our bodies may die, but we continue on

  • the purpose of living life on earth as a human being

  • why we grieve and how to lessen the pain

  • how to live a powerful life and bring about the things that are most important to you

  • experience remote viewing and extra sensory perception

From your time with Sandra, you’ll experience a new excitement about your life, more courage to take new risks, peace of mind, and deeper faith in the hereafter. Ultimately, you’ll see the possibility of living an extraordinary life ~ one that you could not have previously imagined!



Let Sandra walk you through to a deeper understanding of grief that will free and empower you so that you are no longer its victim. You’ll learn the definition and purpose of grief and understand the role that it plays in our lives and our health. Sandra will show you the dynamics of brain chemistry during grief.

You’ll also discover:

  • how to lessen the pain of grief

  • how to keep relationships strong during grief

  • how to use grief to create something new

  • how to care for yourself during grief

How would you feel if you learned that your loved ones who have passed are still with you? Sandra will share with you the new compelling research that shows us that life after death is real!

What will you get out of this course? You’ll walk away from it feeling lighter and freer! You’ll be given new tools to work through your grief more quickly. You’ll gain insight s about yourself and your relationships and you’ll see a tremendous shift in your life and happiness!


Nobody wants to fail. In fact, many people harbor deeply-held fears of failure. In this seminar, Sandra shows you how actually striving for failure and having a good relationship with failure can bring about the most extraordinary results! The greatest and most successful people have gotten where they are because they knew how to deal with failure and make it work for them! From this seminar, you’ll gain a new, empowered view of failure. In fact, you’ll be excited to fail! You’ll experience a new relationship with fear and discover a new access to living a successful, fulfilled life, beyond your current imagination!


As human beings, we are always looking for the easy way to have our deepest dreams fulfilled. Sandra shows us that the path is not hard, but does require effort in 10 easy daily habits. You’ll receive fun, easy tools to begin seeing changes and results in your life with velocity and that feel good too! Unimaginable, new results seem to ‘show up’ for people when they learn and practice these 10 habits.


Since the beginning of time, we have been looking for proof of life after death to calm the number one fear all humans share: dying. Sandra will show you the little known evidence from past and current pioneers that proves, without a doubt, that there is life after death. Religious beliefs and faith are also addressed, as well as the purpose of living life on earth. When you let go of the fear of dying, you also release your fear of living. From this experience with Sandra, you’ll feel relief from your fears and you’ll feel empowered to live life more fully. You’ll know in your heart that you are not alone. You’ll also learn several tools that you can use with others or on your own to connect with loved ones who are now deceased. This seminar will change your life!

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