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At 4 years old, Susan Lustenberger first started seeing spirits. SusanLpicHowever, she was quickly shut down and told not to talk about such things. She grew older and worked in Corporate America.

However, as she started going through major life transformations like having children and the death of her father, her psychic abilities and clairvoyant gifts became something she could no longer ignore and pursued an education around them.

She tells us her extraordinary journey on this episode, but one of the things I find so interesting that Susan has a real passion for helping people in their businesses! in fact, Susan is often hired as a Chief Spiritual Officer for start ups and companies to guide them to their success!

In this episode you’ll hear the importance of “slowing down” and really look at what makes you happy. Susan says “Life is too short to live an unhappy one.” She talks about moving closer to a happy life. Also, how to ground ourselves in who we REALLY are.

Susan has been lucky enough to work with an array of clients including business owners, professional athletes, movie executives, C.E.O’s and individuals…. with the common denominator of making a difference for those seeking answers, guidance and happiness in their personal lives. She is really a special woman and I’m so grateful I got to interview her!

Susan Lustenberger is currently writing her book, “Surviving Death” based on all of her readings and life experiences as a Medium, it will be out later this year.

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