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Reincarnation, is it real? For the first time SusanMPicon our show we are going to hear an incredible story about reincarnation. I saw our guest today on a television show called Beyond Belief with George Noory and I know you will be amazed by her story.

In this episode,  Susan Masino speaks of the drawings her son made of the ship, The Titanic, and his words and actions which shows strong evidence that he was one of the designers of the ship and went down with the ship.

We also hear a beautiful story of a boy named Cody, his wish to meet AC/DC’s Angus Young, and the vision he had before he passed away.

Susan Masino is a rock & roll journalist for over thirty years, who has written several books and produced many music compilation CDs. Her latest book is titled AC/DC FAQ All That’s Left To Know About the World’s True Rock and Roll Band.

susanbookSince age five, Susan Masino has had a strong interest in the paranormal. In her book, The Secrets of the Universe, Susan dives into her lifelong passion of the spiritual and paranormal side of life.

Please WATCH PREVIEW (which is a two minute clip) to see some of the pictures her son drew of The Titanic:

To see the full video, I encourage you to sign up at: and search for Susan Masino. Simply astonishing video.

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