Taming the Wild Mind

Breathe, the time is right. Breathe, there is no end in sight. You live life like there is a sense of urgency, always something to do, somewhere to go. You rush in every direction. Your mind rushes as much as the body. The thoughts racing through your mind are like fast moving traffic. They don’t slow down, they keep racing and charging forward. It is exhausting isn’t it?

Do you actually know where you began and where you are heading to? For most, there really is no destination in mind as they travel, yet they continue to be forcing themselves as quick as possible toward an imaginary destination.

What is there to do? Breathe. Of course you say that breathing comes naturally, our breath is out of our control. But that is not true. The mind often thinks on autopilot as the body breathes on autopilot. Both are automatic functions yet both can be override by the pilot.

Take a moment now to just breathe. Breathe in deeply and hold it. Then slowly, ever so slowly exhale. You are in control. Repeat it again. Do you notice something else has happened? As you concentrate on the breath the mind chatter slows as well. For most of us, the mind has been running wild all of our lives and we think what it tells us is the truth.

Our minds are like powerful, untamed wild horses. They are very useful when trained, but left to their own devices, how can we trust them? You, my friend, have a mighty stallion for a mind that wants to keep charging forward. By starting to take deep breaths and paying close attention to each breath, you are starting to tame the mind.

You can use your powerful mind to help you in many ways on your journey. Or you may be used by the mind. One day, it will be the end of your adventure here on earth and you want to look back on it knowing you used every tool in the shed.

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