The Rose

“The red rose shines in all its luxury. Perfumey in nature, the sweet fragrance of life. All who see the soft, radiant petals can appreciate the beauty of nature. Even the sharp thorns have a purpose to strengthen the stalk of the rose, protecting its beauty.

The eyes see the beauty of the rose, the nose smells the sweet fragrance. The ears hear the wind as it rustles the leaves of the trees and garden. To the lips and tongue the taste of rose hips in the tea we drink creates peace.

We all have another sense, a deep knowing that the earthly human senses cannot detect. That is the truth of the rose.

Far, deep within the earth once sprang a small bud. The sun warmed the earth and the bud grew toward the warmth of the sun. The rain and the soil nourished the young plant until the day it broke free through the ground.

In truth and trust we know this seedling has great promise. We do not know how it will appear, but know that deep within its truth it knows it is destined to be great and worldly. The day finally happens, its bud blossoms and spreads the wings of its petals. A beautiful rose is born for all to enjoy.

However, after the sun sets the final time on the aging rose, it droops and returns to the earth. The earthly senses can no longer detect its existence. However, to our sixth and heavenly sense, the truth is that a rose will once again return. For our joy, for our pleasure, the cycle never ends.

Keep facing the warmth of the sun and grow and trust. You too can never end.” -Sandra Champlain

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