The Weather

“What is there to be scared of my friend? Your mind wishes to distort reality, have you noticed? Oh yes, from the outer eye looking at the case you present, it shall see one thing. However, from your inner eyes you see and feel something quite different.

Have you noticed on a cool, damp day you feel uncomfortable and cold and dream of a warm day? You are making the day wrong and the weather wrong. However, to the day the mist is needed. It coats the flora with a dense dew necessary for the leaves and the brush. The cool temperatures too act as necessary agents in the journey of all. Do not make the day wrong, it is perfect. Rain is needed for growth just as is sunshine.

Your quest is to determine your inner weather. Did you know you can cause the weather within you? If you want rain simply think bad thoughts. If you want sunshine think happy thoughts. If you want thunder think of something you fear. If you want lightening think of something that angers you.

You see, we may not be able to control the outer world, but we can trust it is perfect and needed for life. All is well.

However, we most certainly can change our inner weather. You want power today? Think powerful thoughts. Look back on a time when you were powerful and relive that moment in your mind. You want a peaceful day? Think of a memory of a peaceful time to you and you will be there.

You always have the power and I understand it may be difficult at times, but it is within you. Think of the small kindling sticks. To the outside, there is no appearance of warmth or fire. But by being determined the user can ignite a blazing fire with the sticks. Be determined friend. Use everything you have and light the fire within you. You will be burn bright, be assured of that.” -Sandra Champlain

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