Charles Peden on We Don’t Die Radio

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Charles Peden, Psychic MediumPhenomenal Psychic Medium abilities does my guest Charles Peden have! Wow, incredible episode! Charles Peden is an internationally recognized animal communicator AND psychic medium who works equally well with animals and spirits of our departed loved ones.

For many years Charles has worked alongside several organizations such as the SPCA and The Humane Society. This episode is full of amazing accounts of Charles’ ability to connect with humans and animals who have passed AS WELL AS animals who are still alive. A very entertaining episode and many spine-tingling goosebumps to be experienced. You will love it!

Should you wish to connect better with your pets,  or you have a need for closure, (or simply desire to check in) with a departed family member or close friend – Charles can assist. From his home office in the mountains near Sacramento, California, Charles Peden provides his services worldwide over the telephone, via computer, as well as in person.

Please visit or call his office at 925-360-7469

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