Winds of Change

“Winds change the course of man. He who dreams has not the worries of a troubled mind. Those who inflict the passions of others, know not the joy that could be experienced.

The youth has got it right. Their souls know the trap of earthy delights. They rejoice in the experience knowing it will not last. The present they live in is a present we must all succumb to.

You see, time does fly and the illusion of the end of time is just that. It is all an illusion.

Have the faith that joy will linger and it certainly will. Have the faith that love is eternal and it shall be. This moment is precious and will last forever if you let it.

Why worry so much? Instead, live in joy and wonder. Explore, relax, learn, grow and share your treasures. It is all but a journey. It is all an adventure for your tireless gentle soul. Just play.”  -Sandra Champlain

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